Zion AG church livestreams Sunday services in Facebook and YouTube. You can find the links in contact page. But Bible study and Friday special meeting will happen in only ZOOM application. All the meetings hosted by Zion AG Church will have the same ZOOM credential.

Meeting ID: 719 7189 4582 Passcode: 560068


Zion AG church has Sunday service in 4 different Languages. timing can be seen in the home page of our website. These services are livestreamed in YouTube and Facebook for viewers who cannot take part physically. But not only that, we have people those who can help you and assist you in Hindi and Malayalam also.

Services are available in following Languages: Kannada, Tamil, English and Telugu.


Our Lord is a miracle working God, not only in the biblical time, but today as well. Many people are coming with needs and need for deliverance. There is a meeting dedicated for miracle healing. This takes place in Zion AG Church on every Sunday. Many people around Bangalore attend this service and receives the miracle from the Lord.

Every Sunday Evenings 7.30 PM


As we read in Esther, prayer can break any barriers. But fasting praying gives people to overcome the problems. As part of equipping people, we have arranged fasting prayer every weekends.

Every Saturday Mornings from 10 AM to 12 PM


As Amos 8:12 says, in last days, it will be difficult to get word of God. So, We have well-trained and certified scholars to teach the truth. We also help the people to think, question and make them clarified.

Every Wednesday Evenings 7 PM (Join in ZOOM)


Zion AG Church invest more on kids life. This kids club a fun filled program to make children enjoy every moment. We have many events for kids like games, magic show, puppet show, Fancy dress competition etc. We also teach and elevate their moral values and behavior.

Every Sunday Evenings 5 PM (Join in ZOOM)


Teen in today's work has many issues, they have stress too. They face so many challenges in their school, family and life. We take it seriously. As Psalm 127:4 mentions, we equip teens to face their spiritual challenges they face in their day to day life. We train them in all the aspects of their life. We have trained professional spiritual teachers who truly understand teen mentality

Every Saturday Evenings 5 PM (Join in ZOOM)


Young people are future tomorrow for the kingdom of God. We help the youth to overcome the barriers in their day-to-day life by conducting various programs. We also focus on Youth people mentorship programs. Fun-filled activities and bible teaching are the unique flavor of this gathering. If you think you are young, show up in the meeting.

Every Saturday Evenings 7 PM (Join in ZOOM)


In today's world, people are busy with their work. whether big or small job, men wanted to make money. But we provide them flexible opportunity for men to come closed to God. Often men are taken outside of our church (Like Resorts) and help them overcome the problems they face. Either psychological, mental or family problem related counselling given to them. Once in 3 months men gather in church and pray for each other.


Not only men, women also working in modern world. They also have official job, family work and taking care of children. They multi-task not only in family, also in society. This gathering gives them opportunity to vent their problems and support each other with moral/spiritual supports. They uphold each other in prayer. Women are contributing more in care cell meetings and glorify God.


It is important to start a month in the presence of God. Zion AG Church creates this opportunity for people to come and sit in the presence of God in the beginning of every month. Promise word of the month will be shared with the people through man of God. For this month promise word, navigate to Home screen bottom.

Every Month First Day Mornings 5 AM (Join in ZOOM also)


Night prayer can break the chains, Keeping that in mind, Zion AG Church organizes Night prayer once in every month. People with burden for souls can take part in this prayer. We will be praying for our nation, our city and our life. People those who took part in the night prayer has countless miraculous testimonies to share. Be a part of it.

Every Second Friday Night at 9.30PM to 12AM (Join in ZOOM)


Zion AG Church takes opportunity to serve and help everyone in all the possible occasions. We have events as follows

  1. Valentines Day (Yahshua Valentines Day) - Feb 14 Week

  2. Labor Day (Techie Day, Auto Drivers Day, Teacher's Special, Etc,.) - May 1 Week

  3. Independent Day - Aug 15 Week

  4. Christmas Day (Red Stripes) - Dec 3rd Week

  5. Children’s Day - Nov 14 Week

  6. Women's Day (Spark) - March 8 Week

  7. Kannada Rajyotsava - Nov 1 Week

Special Events and gifts are shared with people those who are in need.

Check our "Calendar" for more details in "Announcement"